Hello👋 I'm Sueyoon, designer & researcher based in the Netherlands. I'm currently working at CWI (DIS group), Amsterdam.

Selected Projects;

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Biosignals in VR Jazz Bar

Designing Avatar Biosignal
Visualization Techniques in Social VR

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How was yoAR movie?

Reflect on a movie at the cinema with dancing AR characters

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Shall We Light?

An interactive curtain that communicates with the users

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Science Expedition

For families visiting the National Science Museum

More fun;

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Christmas & New Year's Cards 2021

32 handmade cards drawn with colored pencils; crafted and sent to thank and wish a healthy and prosperous new year to my family, friends, and loved ones

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Computer Sketching

Computer sketch practices with Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop (2020)


Nike Air Force 

Color study work (e.g., monochromatic, analogous, complementary, etc) on one of my favorite brands - Nike (2020)

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Wooden Chair

Designed and crafted a wooden chair composed of only four pieces, assemblable without bolts (2015)